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Taste of Heart has been bringing a smile on the face by a taste of cake n cookies. Sweet is the success of life. Life is incomplete without sweet. Our attraction is the homemade product which is healthy, nutritious and best for health. Now “ No worries” about sugar and …

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Specials & Events

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Theme Cookies

Test of Heart has to give you different theme based cookies as per customer choice. Like Halloween, Wedding, Christmas, Smiley, New Born Baby, Baby Shower and Many More

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Theme cakes

Make your way for Bigger Celebration!!!! To make your event special use theme based cakes. We have variety of cakes in different flavours. Flavours of Cake: Vanilla, Chocolate, Black forest, Mango, Strawberry, Pineapple, Black currant, Kiwi, Orange and many more….All cakes are available in different theme as per customers choices.

Make your Event special

We are offering you theme based cookies and Cakes to make your event special.

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To bring a smile on your loved one and make them happy. Taste our cookies and Cakes

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Clients Testimonial

Hi all, Test of heart cookies are tasty , nutritious, healthy and too yummy. You will get different flavors and sugar free too. Kids likes very much. Instead of taking junk food , go for home made cookies and cakes by Taste of heart.

Taste of Heart cookies made by Deepali its too tasty , Yummy and crispy.

Taste of Heart must taste from heart…

Taste of cookies are too yummy and crispy. Guys try it now. “Yeh taste nahi kiya toh kya Kiya………..”

These cookies are too tasty…………try it now……………

Warm Delight

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