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Ragi Cookies

Our attraction is the homemade product which is healthy, nutritious and best for health. Now “ No worries” about sugar and its side effect on health. Taste of Heart serving you sugar -free product which is good for diabetics people also.

Ragi flour. Ragi Flour is primarily a powder food, made out of Ragi grain. It is finger millet powder. It has high protein and mineral content. It is an ideal source of protein for vegetarians.

Ragi is also a rich source of fibre and helps lower cholesterol level. – Ragi is the best food for weight controldiabetes and cooling the body. With its cost-effectiveness, ragi is definitely a health food. Ragi is well known for helping lose weight and shedding off those extra calories. It contains the amino acid known as Tryptophan which helps in reducing the appetite and helps in managing weight. .Thus ragi makes for a good diet product to add in your meals.

So is ragi good for diabetes?

Eating whole grains can be beneficial for the prevention and management of type 2 diabetes. … Ragi contains much higher amounts of dietary fibre and minerals and more protein than rice.

The glycemic index of ragi is high at 71. With the high carb content and low dietary fibre, this puts the glycemic load of ragi a staggering 60! Even though it is rich in many good things it has a major negative effect on blood sugar.

It is rich in calcium and protein and also has a good amount of iron and other minerals. It is low in fat most of which are unsaturated fats.



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